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Our laundry shop always provides personalized service, and we have many regular customers. Our customers love our low prices and superior cleaning services.

We have 2 employees who work at our Laundromat, who have a degree in art in textiles, so we can provide superior service in getting stains and spots out of fabric. If you choose to do your laundry yourself, you can amuse yourself with our TV and enjoy snacks and drinks from our machines.

Our Laundromat Offers:

  • Coin-Operated Laundry Machines
  • Front and Top-load Washers
  • Double-Triple- Mega-Load Front Loaders
  • Top-Load Washers Are Single Load
  • 30 lb Dryers Are Double Load
  • Prices
    • Single loads–$1.50
    • Double loads–$2.50
    • Triples–$3.50
    • Mega-$4.25
  • All Laundry Products
  • Soaps
    • Tide™
    • Cheer™ 
  • Fabric Softeners
    • Downy™
    • Bounce™ 
  • Oxiclean™ 
  • Clorox ™ Bleach
Superior Care

For the safety of your clothing, our dry cleaning is done in smaller loads of 20 unlike most companies, which do hundreds of items at a time. We take great care of your laundry, and everything is hand pressed rather than being pressed in a machine, including your drapes, which are hand pleated.
Depend on our Laundromat in  Colorado Springs,
, for expert laundry and dry-cleaning services.

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